Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrifty Finds!!

So since we got our tax return, it was time for me to go shopping! &The best place to go is...Thrift Store!!! Not "The Thrift Store", because it's actually called "Thrift Store".

I must admit, prior to coming here, I spent almost 2 hours in Forever 21 and came out with nothing. I haven't gone true shopping since my single days so I guess I just wasn't used to it! So my last hope was Thrift Store...and it was a success.

The first day I bought this JCREW steal! A beautiful wool sweater for $5 and it's an extra small. PERFECT! I love JCREW but it's always so darn expensive, so when I found this I was jumping up and down for joy! I'm actually in love with it, i think i might add some buttons but i'm not too sure yet.

The second time around it was 50% off the WHOLE store!! I found this salmon oversized sweater at the last second when I was about to leave. It's pretty loose fitting, perfect for a pair of skinny jeans or even a pair of leggings. By the way this sweater was $2, orig. $4!

Not sure if you've seen my previous Christmas sweater but I found this one at a steal for $3! It's not really a Christmas sweater or even a winter sweater. I think you'll be seeing me in this a lot! Look at the cute geometric patterns, i love it!

OK...OMG I'm so excited for this next piece! You have no idea!!!! My first trip this week, I saw it and it was orig. $59, more than what I had to spend...so I passed it up. I knew that in a couple days they were having there big 50% off day but I didn't think the Annex section was going to be open. The Annex section is in the corner of the store literally gated off. This is where all the golden finds are! It's there vintage section that has a lot of great things but it's more expensive than the rest of the store. They're never open on Mondays (the 50% off day) so I didn't think much of it. BUT...when I walked in...i saw the gate OPEN! I ran in and snatched this fur coat up! Knowing it was going to be 50% off I knew I probably couldn't buy much else, but that didn't matter. When I rang it up...she took off $20 because it had holes, which I was aware of and that made it $39 dollars. Plus the added 50% off, i got it for only $20!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! What a steal!!!! I'm in looooove looooove looooove!!

So I've been talking about this goal thing...and well, this next piece is part of this weeks goal. Learn to revamp a piece of clothing. I brought this home and both my best friend and my husband did not like it! They said it looks like a robe...so I will prove them wrong and try to garnish it with the right things to make it look like a sweater. I was even thinking of dying it...we'll see! Let the goal begin!

Stay tuned for more frugal finds!


Vevystefana said...

you rock. :D

"Chone" said...

Great finds, Lyss!! I LOVE going to thrift stores. Whenever I go with my kids I tell them we're off to go find treasure! That particular thrift store you went to is great! The Annex section is really cool. That's one thing I miss about the mainland, the thrift stores. There aren't too many around the island. Hmmm....maybe I should open one....light bulb!