Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little about me - Dinosaurs

Growing up my favorite animal, believe it or not, was a panda. When I got into high school I realized that a lot of my friends were in love with pandas. So I decided to stray from my panda loving days and move on to something not a lot of my friends like -story of my life-. I'm not exactly sure when my love for dinosaurs started to evolve, I just know it was in high school. I think one day as I was doodling in class, I started doodling the shape of a dinosaur. I started to perfect that shape and it almost became an addiction to draw dinosaurs. Since then, they've invaded my backpack sometimes would appear on my left hand and even on random things. This illustrated dinosaur was a silhouette of a Brontosaurus. Since then I started collecting all things dinosaur, from cards to toys, you name it, I probably had it! I even had a few nicknames such as Dinolyss and Lyssasaurus.

I must admit, I am not intellectually capable of telling you all about their history and all the different types of dinosaurs. I just like them, I like how they look, I like their names, I like their giant appearance, I like that a T-Rex could probably whoop on your favorite animal, I like that their extinct, I like that the only photos you can see of them are illustrated, I just like them.

In college I found out that Brontosaurus' did not really exist. Or at least that wasn't their real name. Brontosaurus' are actually Apatosaurus', which sounds kind of lame. In fact I think I learned that at church when a guy came to speak about dinosaurs. Yeah, it kind of broke my heart. But I still call them Brontosaurus'. It sounds more intimidating.

Once I got into college, I became broke and I stopped buying dinosaur stuff. So just like dinosaurs, my collection soon became extinct. I still love them though...

&that's the story of my favorite animal.

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