Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Call me crazy, but I've decided to do something different with my life. First, I just want to remind you all that I am not perfect and often fail at things, but this...this I do want to "try".

So you want to know what I'm about to do?

I want to challenge myself by learning something new or giving myself a new project to accomplish every week. Yeah, yeah, yeah...you're probably recalling my failed attempt to take a photo a day...well this is different. I'm not giving myself a year goal. I'm just giving myself a week goal. Who knows how long this will last, maybe I wont even do it every week. But as of this week, I have a goal.

I think this will be fun, and give my life a little more adventure. Being a house wife can sometimes become repetitive so I figured I'd change things up a bit. Live on the edge! Learn something new while I stay at home.

I'll update my blog or tumblr (thealyssarae.tumblr.com) of my weekly adventures and see what comes out of it. I plan on posting either photos or video of whatever I've learned so you can follow along too and cheer me on along the way.

I'm excited.

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