Thursday, February 18, 2010

since you waited so patiently...

So it was a Thursday night, yes random day. We decided to go out to dinner, we usually do anyways. We went for Pizza in some restaurant in Concord, nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary.

Reggie...light bulb...says "Since we're in Concord, lets go to the mall and buy Hailey a gift (a bday party we were attending that Saturday)" and of course I say yes to the mall! What girl wouldn't?

After dinner, we head for Sun Valley mall. He says "I love you" and we get out the car. While we're walking in, we walk past Helzberg Diamonds.

Reggie says, "Hey since we're here, can we check your ring size?"
I say, "Ehhhh, now? I don't want to"
Reggie: "Come on, Lord willing when that day comes I can be sure!"
Me: "Ok, i guess"

So we walk in, we ask for help from one of the employees. A woman is glad to help us out. While I'm trying to scope out some fancy jewelry, Reggie is tugging on my arm not allowing me to go anywhere. As we are being helped by the employee, we walk further into the store.

As I'm looking at all the display cases filled with gorgeous jewelry, I stumble upon one display case in the store that is filled with flowers and besides the flowers is 1 ring, which is unusual because most of the cases have at least 5 pieces of jewelry. It didn't hit me yet. While I'm looking at that I'm thinking in my head "ooh, i like that ring". Reggie stops me and says, "Actually I was wondering if you can try on that ring" as he points to the display case with the flowers. I look, and the employee takes the ring out of the display case and hands it to Reggie.

First I say, "Are you serious??!"
Then Reggie gets on one knee and pops the question, "Alyssa, will you marry me?"

I start crying like a baby and say "YESSSSS!!" while the employee busts out her camera phone and starts taking pictures.

After I say yes and try to collect my tears not knowing more is about to flow out, all my future bridesmaids and groomsmen and disciplers, etc. come running down the stairs with cameras and video cameras to greet us!

all I can say is Praise God! PRAISE GOD!!! Isn't Christ amazing?

Oh, and btw...the flowers were for me also!