Get to know me!

HELLO. My name is Alyssa Rae. Oh, and its pronounced Uh-Lih-Suh…just like Alyssa Milano (from whose the boss), whom I was named after! I am a FIDM graduate. Majored in Graphic Design. Sacramento State college drop out. In school I was never really good at math or science. I believe my brain is more on the artistic side, that’s why I enjoyed my art classes way more. I love to do crafts. I love the smell of craft stores. My passion is art and design. I work from the comfort of my own home. My craft table is a TV tray and I am completely satisfied with that because I can make things while watching TV! All that work to get a degree did NOT go to waste, I enjoy making logos and flyers for my local church in which I serve at. In 2009 I started dating one of my good friends. In 2010 I ended up marrying him. He is the worship leader in the Youth Group where we serve. He's the greatest man on earth and he's my best friend and the love of my life. Everyday I'm trying to find what inspires me, trying to create my own occupation that consists of the things i love. I'm learning to love the woman God created me to be. My mind is set on Christ, and everything else is an afterthought.