Sunday, April 20, 2008


So there was a fair at the marina in Vallejo. I really wanted to go and take some great pictures, especially at night. We went and i took a few pictures, not fully satisfied. I wish i got more night shots with the lights, but oh well. We only stayed there for like 10 minutes because it was the coldest and windiest day in Vallejo ever!!! Here's a few out of around 50 shots...let me know what you think! The black and whites were really taken in black and white.

Friday, April 18, 2008


So we had a softball outing for tfc & crossroads this past weekend. So far it has been the highlight of this year. I promise you it was sooo much fun, and everyone played!! What a great joy it was to see all the students just enjoying it all. And praise God for perfect weather that day!!! It wasn't super hot it was pretty much perfect! Of course i brought my camera! Here's some samples:

For more pictures go here:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

hung up on

So before my eyes close, it's become a habit of mine to pull out my laptop and place it on my lap while i lay in bed. Whether it be a good or bad habit who knows, at least i can get some blogging done! hahaha. Anyways, today...or well yesterday (since its already 1:15 in the morning) was my first day of work at Quest Financial Services. It was very amusing and Praise God i work for someone who loves the Lord. I was just sooo excited when Uncle Omar asked if he can pray with us before we started work today. How awesome is that?!? Praying with your boss before work? It's great. So about the job...oh boy. It's real easy, just calling a handful of strangers and getting hung up on. But boy it is sooo funny the things some people would say. This guy named George actually started to converse with Jelissa and then towards the end he said "Oh well George is in Europe for a month". Silly George we know he was lying! This new tele-marketing job will sure test our patience, but i think i'm up for the challenge. Today we have a discipleship softball outing. OOh fun! Little does everyone know, but i am the most out of shape person out there...i don't even think i know HOW to work out let alone simple exercise. I know very bad right? I'd like to start exercising so i can stay fit and healthy. So tomorrow if you see me, don't laugh if i'm breathing hard within the first 2 minutes of the game! Dude, its so cool...i didnt realize how many people from church had blogs! Shout out to my homies! hahaha.

-Alyssa Rae

Alyssa: My mom named me after Alyssa Milano believe it or not
Rae: Take a wild dads name is ray.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long Beach

At night this place would light up with different colors. I called it "Mystery Island" because none of us knew what it was. It's like it came to life when the sun went down. Just imagine the sky pitch black and all you see is this island lit up with blues, reds, and purples.  I wish i took a picture at night time to show you but this is all i have of "Mystery Island", a picture taken from the car.

The second picture was taken outside our window on the 16th floor at the Westin Hotel. It's just a picture of Long beach and to me it shows just how lively the city can be with all the different buildings. And i didnt want to touch up the photo because i wanted to show the beauty of air polution...haha.

First Written Blog

So as my first written blog i wish i could give you something entertaining or something juicy to read...but nope sorry i've got nothing. It's 12:37 AM, I've been pretty much staying up late for the past weeks enjoying it while i can. Yesterday, on tuesday, i just started this new blog deal. I think it's pretty exciting. I mainly wanted one for a place to store my photo's but i guess you can say im bored and thought i'd give you something to read. So what's been going on in my life you might ask? Well, i recently quit the infamous Big 5 job because they made a huge hissy fit about me not working sundays. But praise God that he's sovereign and takes care of his children. Last week i got hired to work for Uncle Omar as yes...a tele-marketer. A job is a job right? I'm happy and content, it's awesome that i'll be working for someone who is not only my boss but a brother in Christ! Oh, I go back to school on thursday. Sometimes school can be very hard and i lack the motivation to go. Especially now that i've found out that i'll be attending school this summer its kinda put a damper on me. It's a praise that since i'll be taking summer classes i'll be able to finish school by March 09 but i'm also praying that it wont affect summer ministries (Volleyball, summer camp, going to COV). But i keep reminding myself, all i have to do is endure through 1 more year and then i'm off into the real world, where sharks can bite, yay! Graduating at the age of 20?! Who would have known! Ok, well i think thats enough rambling for now. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and looking at my photo's. I try.

=)Alyssa Rae