Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long Beach

At night this place would light up with different colors. I called it "Mystery Island" because none of us knew what it was. It's like it came to life when the sun went down. Just imagine the sky pitch black and all you see is this island lit up with blues, reds, and purples.  I wish i took a picture at night time to show you but this is all i have of "Mystery Island", a picture taken from the car.

The second picture was taken outside our window on the 16th floor at the Westin Hotel. It's just a picture of Long beach and to me it shows just how lively the city can be with all the different buildings. And i didnt want to touch up the photo because i wanted to show the beauty of air polution...haha.


Vevystefana said...

Hey Lyss. :D
Love your pics! :)

Cindy said...

Hi to you too! I'm new to this whole thing as well, so yeah!

Love ya,