Saturday, April 12, 2008

hung up on

So before my eyes close, it's become a habit of mine to pull out my laptop and place it on my lap while i lay in bed. Whether it be a good or bad habit who knows, at least i can get some blogging done! hahaha. Anyways, today...or well yesterday (since its already 1:15 in the morning) was my first day of work at Quest Financial Services. It was very amusing and Praise God i work for someone who loves the Lord. I was just sooo excited when Uncle Omar asked if he can pray with us before we started work today. How awesome is that?!? Praying with your boss before work? It's great. So about the job...oh boy. It's real easy, just calling a handful of strangers and getting hung up on. But boy it is sooo funny the things some people would say. This guy named George actually started to converse with Jelissa and then towards the end he said "Oh well George is in Europe for a month". Silly George we know he was lying! This new tele-marketing job will sure test our patience, but i think i'm up for the challenge. Today we have a discipleship softball outing. OOh fun! Little does everyone know, but i am the most out of shape person out there...i don't even think i know HOW to work out let alone simple exercise. I know very bad right? I'd like to start exercising so i can stay fit and healthy. So tomorrow if you see me, don't laugh if i'm breathing hard within the first 2 minutes of the game! Dude, its so cool...i didnt realize how many people from church had blogs! Shout out to my homies! hahaha.

-Alyssa Rae

Alyssa: My mom named me after Alyssa Milano believe it or not
Rae: Take a wild dads name is ray.

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Cindy said...

Haha. I'm glad you're having a good time at your new job. It's so awesome that your boss is a believer and that you can pray and fellowship on the job! That is such a precious thing.

Are you going to the sleepover or the Staff Ladies' thing on Friday?

Much love,