Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Written Blog

So as my first written blog i wish i could give you something entertaining or something juicy to read...but nope sorry i've got nothing. It's 12:37 AM, I've been pretty much staying up late for the past weeks enjoying it while i can. Yesterday, on tuesday, i just started this new blog deal. I think it's pretty exciting. I mainly wanted one for a place to store my photo's but i guess you can say im bored and thought i'd give you something to read. So what's been going on in my life you might ask? Well, i recently quit the infamous Big 5 job because they made a huge hissy fit about me not working sundays. But praise God that he's sovereign and takes care of his children. Last week i got hired to work for Uncle Omar as yes...a tele-marketer. A job is a job right? I'm happy and content, it's awesome that i'll be working for someone who is not only my boss but a brother in Christ! Oh, I go back to school on thursday. Sometimes school can be very hard and i lack the motivation to go. Especially now that i've found out that i'll be attending school this summer its kinda put a damper on me. It's a praise that since i'll be taking summer classes i'll be able to finish school by March 09 but i'm also praying that it wont affect summer ministries (Volleyball, summer camp, going to COV). But i keep reminding myself, all i have to do is endure through 1 more year and then i'm off into the real world, where sharks can bite, yay! Graduating at the age of 20?! Who would have known! Ok, well i think thats enough rambling for now. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and looking at my photo's. I try.

=)Alyssa Rae


Anonymous said...

All i need is a comment to complete this blogging experience. hahahahaha.

alyssa rae

The David Family said...

Hey alyssa, welcome to the world of blogging :)

Kristi Trebotich said...

How is the telemarketing job going for you and Jelissa?

Hi, I'm "Chone" said...

Hey Lyss!

Thanks again for visiting me. I look forward to viewing your photos. Can I add you to my blogroll?