Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Awards

{This is simply just my opinion on a few gowns I saw this year, purely out of boredom and love for fashion}

The Golden Globes is the Black Tie Affair that everyone wants to be at. This year I enjoyed watching it cuddled up on the couch with a sore throat. Although I wanted to shout at the screen, “What are you wearing?” I had to contain myself and rest my voice. So here I am now, speaking out on the hottest to your-burning-my-eyes dresses on the red carpet.

I noticed this year was the year for sequins, slits & shoulder pads. I must say, all of these ladies looked amazing!

Anne Hathaway wore a stunning fully sequined gown by Armani. I loved the slim fit on her accented with 40’s inspired shoulder pads. When she turned around, it was even more breathtaking as she revealed her back in the backless Armani gown. Although this dress was a big hit, I wouldn’t mind if she pulled her hair up in a sophisticated bun. The hair on her shoulders takes away from the beauty of the gown and the elegant swooping back.

January Jones of course has a slammin’ body but I wasn’t a huge fan of the Versace, rebel greek goddess, flapper dress. I think she could have been a little more sophisticated for the Grammy’s. Though, I must say I do enjoy red on her fair skin and her hair is just gorgeous.

Emma Stone is a hilarious actress. I saw her most recent flick and was dying of laughter. I was also dying when I saw her in this Calvin Klein peach tall-tee. The color looked gorgeous up close with her new blonde mane. This was another backless dress seen on the red carpet. The back was beautiful and simple but I thought the front was to simple for Gold, which she did not receive that day. I did enjoy her soft palette of make up and pulled back hair. It made her look more sophisticated than the shirt.

Natalie Portman is gorgeous especially with her new baby bump. She wore a soft pink empire waist dress, perfect for any expectant mother but she ruined it with that huge rose on her chest. Not sure if she thought it would distract people from her protruding belly…it that’s the case, she was right! It was an eye sore, and for photo’s it looks like a piece of clip art placed on her chest. Sorry Natalie, give the Bachelor his rose back.

Mila Kunis is beautiful. She looked stunning and sophisticated with her pulled back hair and one shoulder dress from Vera Wang. At first when she was sitting down, I thought she looked lovely, but once I saw her full body in that gown I had a huge question mark on my forehead. I think the wrinkles were too busy for this petite doll. The color – perfect! But the textures just weren’t working to her benefit. I wish it were ironed. If not, then I can see someone much taller in this gown.

Leighton Meester – I thought Little House on the Prairie should not be allowed in the Golden Globes. She’s cute, yes. It’s a prairie dress, yes. She held her dress while walking onto stage a little too high for the viewer’s eyes, giving tables 1-5 a shot of her undies.

Nicole Kidman – boring. The ivory Prada gown washes her out and I think she played it safe this year. I hope she didn’t pay a stylist to do her hair. Although she was in trend with the sequins, her look was just overall boring.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is to die for. She has an extraordinary beauty. She wore a forest green Monique Lhullier gown. Some may call it putting green but I thought the fit and structure was marvelous. The texture did make me want to play golf but Cat can honestly pull off anything!

But my favorite outfit of the night was Angelina Jolie, in her 40’s inspired sequined dress. Similar to Hathaway’s Armani gown but sorry Annie, Angie pulls it off way better! I would love to own a dress like Angelina’s Versace gown. I enjoyed how effortless her hair and makeup added to the dress. Jolie wore the dress, the dress did not wear Jolie.

Worst dress by far – Helena Bonham Carter. Just look at the picture, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why it won my vote for worst dress ever. Mix matched shoes are for raves not the Golden Globes. Sorry Vivienne Westwood…you’ve lost a fan.


"Chone" said...

Well done, Lyss!

Vevystefana said...

heeheee, you are da bestest!