Saturday, April 11, 2009


[my newly cut bangs from being bored and sick and stuck at home]

How to get rid of the flu:
1. Get a lot of rest.
2. Drink a lot of fluids.
3. Keep a balanced diet.

or that's what the internet says.
I've had the flu for about a week now and i think it's about to leave. I finally left the house for fro yo for the first time in about 123 hours!

Staying inside for soo long has brought me to interesting the frame over the fireplace is a little closer to the right side. The frame's when i lift my head off the couch are not parallel with each other. I thought all 5 frames on the wall in my right eyes peripheral were all the same but no, the one in the middle with 4 smiling Filipinos in it has a different border than the rest. I have Nikelodeon on ch.53 and ch.216. Top Ramen noodles absorb the soup, so the longer you leave it in the less soup there is and the bigger the noodles get!

So, that's all. I hope none of you have what i had, if you do i'm very sorry and i hope you feel better. If you are, I'd like to pray for you! I've noticed when people told me or texted me or called me to tell me they were praying for me, it made me smile, and a smile can cure a lot.

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Gerry said...

Hi Alyssa,
I hope you feel better soon. I and both of my kids are sick too.
It's nice to find other Christians on Blogger. I hope you have a nice week.
Gerry :-)